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Queue Discipline

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1. Provide an example of when a first-in, first-out (FIFO) rule for queue discipline would not be appropriate.

2. a. The Dynaco Manufacturing Company produces a particular product in an assembly line operation. One of the machines on the line is a drill press that has a single assembly line feeding into it. A partially completed unit arrives at the press to be worked on every 7.5 minutes, on the average.
The machine operator can process an average of 10 parts per hour. Determine the average number of parts waiting to be worked on, the percentage of time the operator is working,and the percentage of time the machine is idle.

b, The management of Dynaco Manufacturing Company likes to have its operators working 90% of the time. What must the assembly line arrival rate be for the operators to be as busy as management would like?

3.A single-server queuing system with an infinite calling population and a first-come, first-served queue discipline has the following arrival and service rates (poisson distributed).

Arrival rate = 16 customers per hour
the service rate = 24 customers per hour

Determine Po, P3, L, Lq, W, Wq, and U.

4.For each of the following queuing systems, indicate if it is a single- or multiple-server model, the queue discipline, and if its calling population is infinite or finite:
a. Hair salon
b. Bank
c. Laundromat
d. Doctor's office
e. Adviser's office
f. Airport runway
g. Service station
h. Copy center
i. Team trainer
j. Web site.

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The solution provides an example of when a first-in, first-out (FIFO) rule for queue discipline would not be appropriate.

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