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    Legal Issues Paper: Fair Labor Standards Act

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    Fair Labor Standards Act. Research the law to discover contemporary interpretations of the law and/or recent legislation/regulation. Prepare a 1,050-1750 word paper describing how the selected law affects the reward system in your organization. What does your organization need to do to comply?
    The paper should contain a minimum of 3 academic references to support your research and analysis.

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    Fair Labor Standards Act

    The Fair Labor Standards Act was formulated in the year 1938 and also referred as FLSA, which is published in the sections 201-219 in the law of title 29 under United States Code. This act puts up the minimum standards in concern to both the wages and overtime entitlement. Not only this, it specifies in detail, the administrative procedures related with the coverage of work time compensation. This act also includes the provisions linked to child labor, equal compensation and portal to portal activities (An Overview of the Fair Labor Standards Act, 2002).

    In addition to this, the Act relieves particular employees or crowd of employees from the application of some provisions of this act. In 1974, The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) commenced enforcing to the employees of United States Federal Government. Section 3(e) (2) of the Fair Labor Standards Act empowers the provisions to be enforced on any individual, who is hired by the United States Government as per the specifications made in the section.

    Personnel Management Office in the U.S. works in coordination with the Federal agencies to implement the Fair Labor Standards Act on staff of the US Federal Government. Section 4(f) of the FLSA empowers the Personnel Management Office of U.S. in controlling the provisions with regard to any individual hired by a Federal agency, with the exception of the fact that 'Who Does What'. Numerous amendments were made in FLSA. One of the amendments made in FLSA in 1996 led to an increase in the minimum wage to about $5.15 (an hour).

    Controversial changes occurred in the overtime regulations of the Fair labor standard act on August 23, in which significant changes were made to the meaning of an exempt employee. In the entire American industry, Low level working supervisors were redefined as executives and missed rights of over time. These alterations were attempted by business interests including the Bush administration. These made the claim that the laws required explanation. With this, the Bush administration brought in the new regulations called 'Fair Pay'. However, other organizations, like AFL-CIO made the claim that these alterations would be no longer effective, as millions of additional workers would be unable to attain assistance under the Fair Labor Standard Act concerning the overtime pay. Efforts made by the Congress to turn over the new regulations were ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1430 Words, APA Reference