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Setting up a Pay Structure

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In setting up a pay structure:

a) What legal requirements must an organization meet?

b) Which of these do you think would be most challenging for a small start-up Company? Why?

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a) What legal requirements must an organization meet?

Some of the legal requirements which must be met with regards to setting up a pay structure are those related to minimum wage requirements for certain job positions, fair and equal pay to employees irrespective of their gender, cultural background,etc., compliance to tax related requirements such as withholding of tax, social security,etc. and ...

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What legal requirements must an organization meet?

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Compensation Structure: Kudler Foods

Given Kudler's new strategy, your team needs to create a compensation structure for the following six positions.
Store Manager, Cashier, Stock Person, Speciality Department Worker, Department Manager and Bagger.
Each member of the team should pick one to two positions to analyze. Each team member must analyze all six positions.
For each position, the team members must do the following.
a) Assess the value of the position using a job-based approach. The job based approach will assess the value that the specific position brings to the organization.

b) Assess the value of the position using a person-based approach. The persn based approach will assess the cerain skill sets or competencies that a person will need in order to sccessfully hold the position. NOTE: For the person-based approach, you may use a skill-based analysis or a competency-based analysis. Also discuss why your team selected the approach used.

In order to cmlete this job position analysis, you will need to research what other companies have done when conducting similar analyses.
Evaluates bot approaches (job-based and person-based) and creates a compensation structure based on both approaches. In considering both approaches, what will the compensation structure look like for each position? Justify your recommendations with research.

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