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    Analysis - CEO Express Web Site

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    1a. Evaluate the www.ceoexpress website

    The site at www.ceoexpress.com is useful for a variety of business and industry
    professionals. It offers many ways to find useful business and technology information.
    Toward the top of the page, are several links to the most popular news publications in the
    United States. A section for international news and a section for popular TV stations are also
    available. The sections are useful for managers and executives, who wish to keep up with the
    latest business or technology news stories.

    The site competes with other business news sites, such as Bloomberg and CNN
    Money. These sites offer useful business stories and provide stock and investment
    information. However, they are limited to the stories provided by writers and editors. They
    do not allow the user to search by publication or subject. There is also less focus on business
    related technology, in today's business environment, it is critical for organizations to
    consider how technology may, or may not be adapted to various business situations.
    Technology sites like CNet News offer stories and information about technology, but their
    application or usefulness is limited.

    For a manager, executive or IT manager, looking for specific content, a site that offers
    variety of publications. CNet is among one of many technology sites, which can be accessed
    through www.ceoexpress.com. The site is also a great tool to use, for research and for the
    development of business or marketing strategies. A manager can find information on
    competitors or competitor strategies. "By doing this you are getting a stronger understanding
    of your business environment. You can see how your business will fair in the business
    climate against the competition and plan accordingly" (The Works, 2009). Having a source
    to access information about many different business environment, may help key decision
    makers develop a strategy to gain a competitive edge.

    Technology professionals are often responsible for making decisions about the use of
    technology, based on corporate goals or objectives. A technology professional can consider
    several options for design or choice of applications, for a new system or tool, to meet
    corporate ...

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