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    Elements of a PR campaign?

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    What are some elements of a PR campaign? What is their relevance to a PR campaign?

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    Some of the important elements of a PR campaign along with their relevance are:

    Press Kit

    A press kit is essentially an "information kit" that will provide a journalist with background information about you and your company. Basically, it is a folder (preferably one with your company's name and logo on the outside) that contains many of the "informational" elements described below. Remember, it is not a sales brochure -- it should be a real help to reporters in writing their stories.

    You will need to have press kits prepared when you are holding a press conference; when you go on a press interview; and whenever you are pitching a story to someone who does not know anything about your company. You also might want to send out an updated press kit once a year so that people following your company will have the most up-to-date information.

    Press Releases

    A press release is the primary way you communicate news about your company to the media. Reporters, editors and producers are hungry for news, and they often depend on releases to tip them off to new and unusual products and companies, trends, tips and hints, and other developments.

    Media Alert

    As the name suggests, a media alert is used to inform ...

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    Elements of a PR campaign?