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Using technology to fit your goals

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I read an article entitled "Pursue e-business or die" by Robert Thames. In the article, Thames that we are living in a world where e-business has forever changed the way we live and do business. Compared to 20 years a go where businesses still operated the same they did in the industrial age, businesses can longer afford to operate that way today. Businesses must
understand that we live in the information age and technology is an integral part of the way we do business. E-business, in particular, can lower shipping costs, labor costs, and ultimately the price of products and services.

When conducting business, businesses must first determine how technology and e-business will help the company operate more efficiently. There is no point in purchasing and implementing technology just for the sake of technology. Technology must fit in your business goals not your business goals fitting around technology.

How do you think you determine when a technology does fit your goals?

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First, you must make sure that technology is working for you and you are working for technology.

For example, if technology enables your company to perform more efficiently by reducing inventory lead levels or allowing your company to hire less employees and enable the same amount of work to be done, you are going with your goals of more profit for the company and a better service component for your clients by less lead time which translates into more profits. ...

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