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Sources needed for literature study

I am busy with my MBA thesis research proposal on the subject: Mobile Communication using short message services: an analysis of its current usage and future possibilities for businesses in South Africa. I need articles, research, statistics, links to web sites or any other information to assist me with my literature study (not necessarily applicable to South Africa). Any information might be complimentary to the little bit that I already have. It seems as if there has not been a lot of formal research done on SMS communication.

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Hi there,

Here are some resources that I think you would find to be helpful:
Brown, B., Green, N. and Harper, R., eds. (2001). Wireless World: Social and Interactional Aspects of the Mobile Age. London, United Kingdom, Springer.

Haddon, L. (ed.) (1997). Communications on the Move: The Experience of Mobile Telephony in the 1990s. COST248 Report.

Katz, J. E., Ed. (2003). Machines That Become Us: ...

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The sources required for literature studies are given.