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    Project Feedback and Recommendations: Uncommon Ebooks.Com

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    Please provide investor feedback on the e-commerce business proposal project.

    NOTE: The development should be extensive and it should say what needs to be done to improve in order to have a project an investor would select for investments.

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    Analysis of Business Proposal

    From an investor's point of view, there are several things that are being noticed by the investor before investing into the company. Although, the whole business model for establishing Uncommon E-books.com (UEB) is quite effective, but there are some consequences may arise that may affect its growth in the market. Following are the analysis from an investor point of view:

    The business model for selling e-books is quite effective as the market has been explored well and there is vast opportunity to explore this market for the firm. As the trends reveal that the e-book industry will achieve a growth rate of 50% within coming two to three years, it is good for the investors to invest in this business proposal (Chandler, 2010). It would be able to generate significant amount of revenue in the due course of time. But at the same time, it is also the forecasted trends that may be changed according to change in political or other environmental factors. As the economic conditions are rapidly changing, the forecasted growth may be affected (Henke, 2001). The emergence of future players may also affect business of the company.

    At the same time, the use of internet has increased and people do not have much time to get into the market to buy books. UEB will be quite helpful for such people by availing them with the required books at their computer screen. From an investor's point of view, it is also revealed that the use of social networking site such as Facebook, twitters etc. are quite effective to create a good base of customers. Today, most of the people are investing their good times on these social networking sites that will help the firm to increase number of ...

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