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    Marketing in E-business: creation of relationships, world wide web, ISP selection

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    1. Please describe how relationships are created and enhanced in an e-business environment. You should be very detailed with this response.

    2. Describe how the World Wide Web has affected business in general and customers? Please give several examples.

    3. Pretend that you are in charge of selecting an ISP for your company. One of the key tasks that you must accomplish for the president of your company is to develop a criteria (list) to evaluate prospective ISPs. What would your criteria look like? Please be very detailed in your response.

    4. What role does promotion play in the marketing system? Can you think of ways that Internet providers promote various products and services?

    5. Some companies give away free or low-cost products on the Internet. Others are amazed at such a marketing tool. Can you think of ways that companies that offer such products can justfy the costs? Please explain why they would offer such products to the consumer.

    List References used. APA format

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    1. Please describe how relationships are created and enhanced in an e-business environment. You should be very detailed with this response.

    In an e-Business environment relationships are created and enhanced through three categories that include: communication, innovation through customization, and community.

    ? Communication- customer relationships are first established through an organization's outward communication to the public that displays corporate initiatives, competitive advantages, mission, vision, goals, and the benefits of utilizing an organizations products or services. The majority of relational initiation is to allow consumers to become acquainted with everything an organization has to offer. In terms of e-business, communication is divided into two categories such as; one-way communication and two-way communication. Through one-way communication, the organization expresses corporate initiatives to consumers on an organizations website. Consumers can find a plethora of information about the many benefits and product offerings provided by the company. The organization will provide consumers with periodic updates that will keep consumers informed on the latest products, services, and upgrades. For example, Amazon launched a new product to compete with iPad, called Kindle Fire which is several hundred dollars less than the iPad and has some of the same capabilities of iPad except camera and video recording. Amazon placed a letter on the website to inform all consumers of the diverse range of Kindle products and their competitive prices.

    ? Community-Some web based organizations have websites that enable consumers to communicate their product/service experience with the company and other consumers on their website directly and in some cases indirectly. Consumers have the option to leave critical feedback that may encourage or discourage other consumers from trying new products. Reverting back to Amazon, before a consumer purchases a product, they have an opportunity to review what other consumers had to say about a product. Consumers can leave a rating from between 1-5 and a lengthy comment. Consumers also have the option to rate the seller of the product as well. Community is a fundamental framework that allows consumers to discuss their experiences from start to finish.

    ? Innovation through customization-is an organization's opportunity to create, initiate, and improve upon their current products/services that are customized to a consumer's specific needs. Most organizations identify the most common areas of necessity that consumers are seeking to make the shopping experience more intriguing. For example, when I purchased my first Dell computer, the customer service representative answered with "hello, what can I build for you today? The representative typed in all of the specifications I require in a PC and shipped it to me, which is a prime example of innovation through customization.

    2. Describe how the World Wide Web has affected business in general and customers? Please give several examples.

    Over the course of several years we have witnessed how the World Wide Web reduced the communication barrier between organizations and consumers. In addition to reducing the communication barrier, the World Wide Web has also reduced the language barrier in foreign relations. The most important example is within the foreign trade industry where various countries are interested in entering the global market for competitive advantages. For example, "North American Free Trade Agreement among the United States, Canada, and Mexico; the continuing integration of the European Union; the formation of the new World Trade Organization in 1995 and China joining that body at the end of 2001; and the Asian Crisis from 1997 to 1999, which helped to open up economies such as Japan and South Korea. The rise of the NICs (newly ...