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    Visit an e-commerce website. Search the web for competitors in the industry and market. Describe the marketspace of the company's industry, the size of the market, its growth rate and the company's market share. Desscribe the customer need the company is trying to satisfy, the specific customers the company is pursuing, the technology and resources likely needed to deliver the benefits of the company's offering, the revenue model, the company's key competitors, the basis of the company's relative advantage and the company's strategy.

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    //Before discussing about 'E-commerce' and its relevance in the business and in every industry in today's era of globalization, we will first, talk about what 'E-commerce' is. After that we will explain it through an example of Amazon.com; as under://


    E-commerce is an electronic means for promoting, selling, distributing, and servicing products I.e. Customers place order and purchase goods and services via Internet and make payment through credit cards or pay pal. Along with this, businesses also involve in selling and communicating activities with other businesses through means of Internet. Ecommerce websites are largely make up of textual matter and embedded with graphics demonstrating a picture of the items for sale.


    Amazon.com, a United States based company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. It was the first major company to sell good over the Internet. It was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. When the company was launched in 1995, the name of the company was Cadabra.com. After some time Bezos renamed the company's name as Amazon.com. It started its services in July 1995 and was reincorporated in 1996, but first annual profit of the company was made in 2003. At present, the company sources and sells various products and services namely, Books, Music, DVDs and Video, Home and Garden, Electronics, tools, kitchen segments, Apparel, Toys, zShops, Online Auctions, Partnership, web site Management.

    //After discussing about the E-commerce and Amazon.com, we will now elaborate on the 'web services' provided by the Company. It offers a wide variety of services. I have tried to cover most of them, but, if you feel you can add more. //

    Amazon Web Services was launched in 2002. Amazon Launched Amapedia in January, 2007 ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 1099 words with references.