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E-commerce : explained

Dot-Com Bust: What really happened? What are the lessons to be learned? What can we apply to e-businesses now? What is the potential for e-business now? Write your thoughtful analysis. Give an example that "went bust."
Class, is what happened during the dot.com bust similar to what brought us into this deep recession? How?

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// Dotcom bust was an important event that dominated the market scene from 1995-2001. In order to understand an important market event, it is essential that one should understand the various reasons why a particular thing happened. One should understand the major lessons to be learned and how it is applicable in today's scenario. In order to describe this scandal, firstly one should introduce this event while exploring the reason for the occurrence, like: //

Dot-Com Bust

Dot-Com Bust refers to the busting of the "dot com bubble" or the "IT bubble" which spread over the international market scene from 1995-2001. This busting involved major failure of various dotcom companies. This "IT bubble" was actually the speculative bubble which caused the soaring of stock prices due to rapid growth in internet followed by rapid downfall and failure of the dotcom companies. This era witnessed booming of dotcom companies which were 'internet based organizations'. The stock process of the firms grew like anything after the addition of "e-" prefix or a ".com" suffix in their names. Many organizations left the standard business models in search for larger market share, which ultimately resulted in failure of many companies (The dotcom bust & doing business online, 1997).

// When we are ...

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The response talks about the dot-com bust. The Response Addresses the Queries Posted in 826 Words, APA References