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E-businesses often are challenged to create trust among their customers. People don't like to send money to strangers they never see. Read this article:
Mangiaracina, R., and Perego, A. (2009) Payment systems in the B2C eCommerce: Are they a barrier for the online customer? Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, 14(3), 1-16. Retreived on Feb 22, 2012 from http://proquest.umi.com/pqdweb?did=1951884011&sid=6&Fmt=3&clientId=29440&RQT=309&VName=PQD

You have been retained as a consultant to Elsa Entrepreneur. She will be selling downloadable information products designed to help people get out of debt as well as some one-to-one financial consulting services.

Your assignment: As consultant, come up with a plan for Elsa Entrepreneur to (a) build trust among customers, so they believe they can rely on his expertise; and (b) collect revenue. Make references to articles in the Background and elsewhere.

Consultants cannot be wishy-washy. They must write clearly and justify their opinions. Elsa is paying you $250 an hour. She doesn't want to waste time reading extraneous material in the report. She doesn't want a rehash of facts. She wants analysis and critical thinking. She has asked you to follow academic style in citing references

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Elsa Entrepreneur can build trust by:
Elsa should first develop a good website. The website should be such that it should satisfy all the needs of her customers. The website should provide in depth information about the type of downloads she is selling and the personal service she is offering. The website should give in detail information about Elsa Entrepreneur. It should give information about the qualifications of Elsa, her experiences, and achievements. The website should show the different aspects of Elsa's personality and encourage the customers to interact with her. There should be an easy way to communicate over phone with Elsa so that the potential customers can talk with her. This builds trust. To sustain trust Elsa needs to make sure that her customers get what they wanted and are satisfied.

Since Elsa Entrepreneur will be selling online products for getting people out of debt. There should be debt restructuring material on her website that customers can access free. The layout and design of the website should inspire ...

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