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    Description of a Brokerage Model e-Business

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    Select and research an established international online business of your choice. Create a post that:

    * Outlines of the chosen international organization within the context of the E-business area
    * Describes the type of E-business model the company uses
    * Describes how the E-business model of the company aligns with the theories learned in this class
    * Discusses the relevant market influences on the chosen company
    * Uses academic sources to support your research

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    The global/international business chosen is Global Source. This company, viewed at http://zjyulong.manufacturer.globalsources.com/si/6008805643262/ Homepage.htm, offers a wide array of consumer products. Consumers can find anything from raw fabrics to BMX bicycles in the online store catalog. This e-business uses the brokerage business model, as a distributor for many different manufacturers. This company includes a research and development department and engineering department and claims to tour and inspect the facilities of each manufacturer at least three times per year. Though it provides products to major retailers such as Target and TJX, it also offers small or large quantities of limited products to individual consumers. Most products are offered in bulk purchase, for direct shipment to retail stores.

    In the brokerage model, the distributor serves as a portal for products that are in demand by businesses and other consumers (Rappa, 2010). The benefit to businesses, such as Target and other retailers, is the ability to streamline supply chain activities. The brokerage aligns or condenses products of many ...

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    The solution offers and example of an e-Business that relies on the brokerage model to sell products.