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    Business Finance Multiple Choice Questions

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    1. Elwin Osbourne, CIO at GFS Inc., is studying employee use of GFS e-mail for non-business communications. A random sample of 200 e-mail messages was selected. Thirty of the messages were not business related. The 90% confidence interval for the population proportion is?

    2. Max Sandin is exploring the characteristics of stock market investors. He found that sixty percent of all investors have a net worth exceeding $1,000,000; 20% of all investors use an online brokerage; and 10% of all investors have a net worth exceeding $1,000,000 and use an online brokerage. An investor is selected randomly, and E is the event "net worth exceeds $1,000,000," and O is the event "uses an online brokerage/" P(E|O) is?

    3. If x has a binomial distribution with p>0.5, then the distribution of x is?

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