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Can you find just how responsible these companies are in the United States of America?

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My worst nightmare is that a site passes on information that can be used against me.

There are of course a number of ways that this could happen but however if it happens I would not like it.

What do i want the site to do?

a) not collect information that is not needed - for example I prefer sites that let my credit card company do the authentication etc.

b) keep my data confidential

Of course I would expect my credit card company to vet any company that it collects for. I hold them 'personally responsible' for all who use their services.

Can you find just how responsible these companies are in the United States of America?

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In today's society I find that technology has become extremely sophisticated, organizations all over the U.S. are continuously upgrading their systems to prevent fraudulent activity. Nevertheless, hackers are also just as sophisticated. There are always breaking news of systems being compromised and client information being sold to the highest bidder. It is extremely necessary for organizations to place themselves in a consumer's position. Consumers purchase items online for convenience, in some cases it is more economical for consumers to purchase items online than to go to a store in person. Shipping and handling can be expensive, however consumers save on gas mileage, no longer have to fight with rush hour traffic, or do not have to wait in long lines. However, if I had to weigh the pros and cons, consumers are more susceptible to identity theft online than shopping in person. When a consumer purchases an item from an offline retailer, he or she spends time browsing for a product, waiting for the next available clerk, gives his or her card to the clerk, make eye contact, sign the receipt, takes his or her belongings and exits the store. Whereas a consumer shopping online may have to open an account with the store to avoid reentering the same information every time he or she wants an item. Some organizations will store that information including the credit card information, so if you do not empty ...