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    Risks of Krispy Kreme's Shareholders

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    Managerial accounting is more than recording, maintaining, and reporting financial results.
    Managerial accountants must provide managers with both financial and nonfinancial information
    including estimates, projections, and forecasts. Looking into the future involves risk. Krispy Kreme's managers, including its managerial accountants, must notify shareholders of this risk.
    1. Access and read Krispy Kreme's (krispykreme.com , Investors relations, SEC Findings) Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) section in either
    its annual report or its 10-K for the year ended February 3, 2002 [KrispyKreme.com]. What
    risks do Krispy Kreme's shareholders face as management and employees work to position the
    company for long-term success?
    2. What are the managerial accountants' responsibilities in evaluating risk?

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