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    Uber Syndrome Phenomenon Impact

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    What do you mean by Uber Syndrome? What is the impact of this phenomenon?

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    Uber Syndrome, a strategy by a new entrant who creates leadership or takes away a major share of the market in an industry destroying the business of existing players of the industry. The strategy to relates to the innovative business model by the US based online cab aggregator UBER. The Uber business model has created epidemic in traditional taxi business worldwide, including India. Uber Sydrome is referred to as "the scenario in which the companies leading the change develop some distinct business model change market dynamics; (Gupta, 2016: Feb. 9). Uber Syndrome is becoming a cause of concern for business leaders wherein a competitor enters the industry with a totally different business model and hampers the business as described by Judy Lemke, the CIO of a trucking company called Schneider (Colvin, 2015: Nov. 3). IBM has been conducting a research study since 2009 to track the newer trends and factors that could affect the business development of the company and one of the trends identified in the study was the 'Global Uberization' wherein the companies have disruptive business models that change the way industry functions and that destabilize the existing company wherein the study conducted on top management of different companies including the Chief Executive Officers, Chief Information Officers, Managing Directors, Marketing Directors, Chief Financial Officers and General Managers depict that there is a growing concern about competition from other industries anticipated by 54% of these managers in 2015 ...

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    The solution provides the meaning of Uber Syndrome and and its impact on the industry. The impact of the phenomenon is examined.