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    Is trust possible among all levels in a vertically-structured organization (One with a definitive hierarchy ranking system)?

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    In a vertically-structured organization, I do not believe that is it possible to have trust on all levels. For example, if the organization is huge, then the people who are at the bottom may never meet the CEO of the company. This would automatically have distrust take place. The individual may rebel, so that they can meet the individual who is running it as a result.

    Another issue that could arise is if they do get to meet the person, but find out that he or she is a jerk. They would want nothing to do with him or her at that point, and may seek ways to have ...

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    The posting helps answer a question about developing relationships and trust. This solution provided whether or not trust is possible among all levels in a vertically-structured organization. The explanation is given in 414 words.