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Formulating a Linear Program

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Hi, I need some help formulating this problem as a linear program and setting it up in Excel to solve.

Problem: A garden store prepares various grades of pine bark for mulch: nuggets, mini nuggets, and chips.The following table gives information regarding the different requirements.
Nuggets Mini-Nuggets Chips
Bark 5 6 3
Machine time (minutes) 2 4 5
Labor time (hours) 2 4 3
Storage (bags) 1 1 1

In addition, there are only 600 pounds of pine bark, 600 minutes of machine time, 480 hours of labor time, and 150 bags in storage. The profits are $9, $9, and $6, respectively for every bag of nuggets, mini-nuggets, or chips.

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Nuggets Mini-Nuggets Chips Available
Bark (Pounds) 5.00 6.00 ...

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I have this solution in excel, however, I would like to see it in QM.

I have purchased a similar solution, however I was looking for the formulation and solution in QM.
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Using Excel, please solve for the following:

The Southfork Feed Company makes a feed mix from four ingredients-oats, corn, soybeans, and a vitamin supplement. The company has 300 pounds of oats, 400 pounds of corn, 200 pounds of soybeans, and 100 pounds of vitamin supplement available for mix. The company has the following recipe for the mix:

At least 30% of the mix must be soybeans
At least 20% of the mix must be the vitamin supplement
The ratio of corn to oats cannot exceed 2 to 1
The amount of oats cannot exceed the amount of soybeans
The mix must be at least 500 pounds

A pound of oats costs $0.50, a pound of corn is $1.20; a pound of soybean is $0.60, and a pound of vitamin supplement is $2.00. The feed company wants to know the number of pounds of each ingredient to put in the mix in order to minimize costs.

Formulate a linear programming model for this program in QM,

Thank you

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