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Formulating a Linear Program

Hi, I need some help formulating this problem as a linear program and setting it up in Excel to solve.

Problem: A garden store prepares various grades of pine bark for mulch: nuggets, mini nuggets, and chips.The following table gives information regarding the different requirements.
Nuggets Mini-Nuggets Chips
Bark 5 6 3
Machine time (minutes) 2 4 5
Labor time (hours) 2 4 3
Storage (bags) 1 1 1

In addition, there are only 600 pounds of pine bark, 600 minutes of machine time, 480 hours of labor time, and 150 bags in storage. The profits are $9, $9, and $6, respectively for every bag of nuggets, mini-nuggets, or chips.

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Nuggets Mini-Nuggets Chips Available
Bark (Pounds) 5.00 6.00 ...

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