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    Model Linear Program for a car manufacturer

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    A car manufacturer wants to reduce the weight of a car by at least 400 pounds. Design engineers have identified ten potential design changes that may be used to reduce the vehicle weight, shown in the table below. Changes 4 and 7 are engine block modifications and thus cannot both be selected. Formulate an integer linear programming model to reduce the weight by at least the target amount at the least cost

    change 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    Saved(lbs) 50 75 25 150 60 95 200 40 80 30
    Cost($k) 150 350 50 450 90 35 650 75 110 30

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    Let x_i be the 'indicators' of whether the i-th change will be taken (i.e. x_i = 1 if the i-th change is taken, and x_i =
    0 if not). ...

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