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Characteristics of types of stakeholders

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Are short-term creditors, long-term creditors, and stockholders interested primarily in the same characteristics of a company? Explain. (300 words)

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All three types of stakeholders would want to have a business relationship with companies which

1. Are profitable
2. Have increasing sales year over year
3. Are in a growing industry
4. Have global plans or current exposure

In addition to those general attributes, short-term creditors would look at
a. Liquidity including cash position
b. Working capital ratio
c. Quick ratio
d. Cash ratio
e. High inventory turns

Short-term creditors are usually unsecured with no collateral for their accounts receivable. In extending credit, ...

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The solution lists general characteristics that all stakeholders would be interested in followed by specific attributes for each of the three categories of stakeholders. For each group, there are 4 or 5 particular attributes and then a paragraph explaining the characteristics and the type of investment vehicles used.

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