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    Types of Stakeholder Relationships

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    Stakeholder relationships are built on their claims, risks taken, or bonds with companies. Illustrate by giving an example of each type of relationship.

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    Stakeholders are those parties who have some interest in the organization. This will include employees, customers (, vendors, Bankers,investors, communities, government. Stakeholders want organizations to pursue goals that are important to them but not necessarily to the organization and hence influence the mission and goal of the organizations.

    Let us start with the Bankers. Bankers are mostly interested in getting their loans repaid. Accordingly they want to be certain that you will be able to keep up a loan repayment schedule. We will address their concern by giving them repayment schedule and showing sound solvency ratios. T
    Then Investors or shareholders are mostly interested in events that will predict rapid growth, because growth is important to them to get an attractive return on their money. They want good ...

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    500+ words on the relationships stakeholders have with claims, risks taken and company bonds, including examples.