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    CSR- Corporate Social Responsibility

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    As a senior manager of a logistical warehouse for SEARS/ KMART I have to conduct a PowerPoint Presentation to the associates on the concepts of stakeholders and corporate social responsibility.

    The PPT. presentation needs to include:
    • What is a stakeholder?
    • How does your business define stakeholder?
    • Identify your stakeholders and what makes them stakeholders in your business:
    - The employee
    - The supplier
    - The customers
    - The government
    - The local community and society
    • How does your business communicate with its stakeholders?
    • Discuss corporate social responsibility in your business.
    • Discuss the social issues facing your company.
    • APA reference slide

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    A shareholder is essentially an individual or group that has an investment or interest within an organization.

    Sears/K Mart essentially defines its stakeholders as individuals or groups that have some form of investment or interest within this organization that can be either monetary or other forms of investment, such as time and labor. These individuals also have an interest in ensuring the profitability of the organization due to the fact that they stand to gain financially or otherwise, from the profitability and success of the organization.

    The employee is a stakeholder in this business due to the fact that the employee invests time and labor in working for this organization for an agreed-upon wage per hour invested. The employee has an interest in the success of this organization due to the fact that their job security depends upon its success. In addition, the more profitable that the organization is, the better the benefits and the higher the wages that employees will probably receive within the organization as well.

    The supplier is a stakeholder in this business due to the fact that the supplier is dependent upon this business to succeed in selling its goods and products to its customers in making a profit, so that it will be in need of additional supplies, ...