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    Identify the reason for the high turnover rate

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    You are currently working as a management consultant. You and your partner have been asked to analyze the corporate culture and organization of USA Today. You have decided to use the Step-by-Step Analysis to aid you in your work. You have decided to analyze the topics listed below to start the project:

    The Management of Ability

    Identify the reason for the high turnover rate.
    What kind of cultures/subcultures has Tom Curley created?
    Organizational Commitment

    Consider both the determinant of affective commitment and continuance of commitment
    Job Satisfaction
    Looking for help and assistance
    Consider the current workload and turnaround times for the online group
    Organizational Ethics

    What types of ethical issues have already arisen?
    Consider the impact of these issues with other departments at USA Today
    Think about the impact of external forces as well as internal forces in the areas of individuals in organizations, groups and team processes as well as organizational processes. Keep in mind the type of culture that has been created as well as the subcultures that exist between the various media departments.

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    Running Head: USA TODAY

    Corporate Culture and Organization of USA Today

    USA Today is a second national American daily newspaper which is printed by the Gannett Company. It was founded by Al Neuharth in the year 1982. The USA Today's headquarter is situated in Tysons Corner, unincorporated Fairfax County, Virginia. The organization's mission is to serve up as a forum for better apprehension and integrity to assist make the USA genuinely one nation. With its flagship newspaper and well-liked Web site, USA TODAY engrosses the national discussion and links readers online throughout social media diligences. The organization's news and information brand also admits:
    • USA TODAY Education
    • USA TODAY Mobile
    • USA TODAY Sports Weekly (USA Today, 2010).
    Corporate Culture and Organization of USA Today
    From the time of its inception, the organization had undertaken a number of efforts for management and organization of its corporate culture and with its all-inclusive efforts it had achieved a significant position as a daily newspaper all over the U.S. Due to its effective management of corporate culture it had become ...

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