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Culture vs. Performance Focused Organizations

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Required Reading:

Rosenthal, J. & Masarech, M. A. (2003). High performance cultures: How values can drive business results. Journal of Organizational Excellence, 22, 3-18.

Based on the Rosenthal and Masarech (2003) article, you are asked to write a critique in which you will relate to the points below:

1. Explain in your own words what is the meaning of focusing on performance and/or focusing on culture, and how focusing on either one can be translated into organizations' acts (or in other words, what organizations that focus on performance or culture actually do).

2. Describe the organization in which you are currently employed (or were employed in the past) and decide in which of the four quadrants that are represented in Exhibit 3 your organization resides. Explain what makes you think so.

3. Exhibit 4 presents 5 steps for shaping a high performance culture. Use these steps to explain how your organization (the one you described earlier) can improve its success by adopting each of these steps. If your organization already adopts such steps please explain how it does so.

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Culture and HR Policies and Practices:

In the global market, there are diverse modes of undertaking the company business activities. This has caused different organizations to conduct a self-analysis to improve the activities of the corporation through the use of the appropriate practices and policies. This will be dependant on the operations of the company and the set processes on how to attain the organizational targets. The activities of the company should be able integrate the selected mode of operation whether; performance focused or culture focused. The maintenance of the appropriate organization focus will lead to the high levels of company profit margins (Rosenthal, et all 2003).

Performance Focused Organizations:

The performance focused organization has a consensus on the route that the organizational characteristics will follow. The selected characteristics will be founded on high performance strategies that will yield the company greater production levels. The leadership style that is used in this type of organization is the authoritative. This is based on the fact that the performance of the company has to be directed by a leader who is direct and issues directives. In the performance focused company, the activities are geared towards the attaining of high returns from the company processes. The performance focused companies continuously aim at improving and developing the abilities of the workforce through internal trainings. The production modes of the company are improved constantly to increase the company returns and attain greater profit margins. This tends to shift the performance activities in the company by the integration of new production modes (Clemmer, n.d).

The management practice of this type of company is aimed at ensuring that the work force performs their required assigned duties at the expected time. They ensure that the performance levels of each personnel are on check to ensure that all the target markets have yielded the expected outcomes. The communication strategy that is adopted by the performance focused organization is made to be direct with little team efforts that are not performance related. Performance ...

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