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    Source of power and conflict from within an organization

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    Hello I need help developing response to the following:

    1. Understanding where power comes from within the organization is very important. Focusing on the beginnings or "wellsprings" of power, which is the most relevant and elaborate on its use.
    2. Can organizations be totally free of politics? If not, why? If yes, why and how?
    3. How would one propose handling a conflict that has arisen in a global team where the basis of the conflict is differences in expectations?

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    An online source noted that one can build power from small beginnings (Pfeffer, 2010 through http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2010/08/the_humble_roles_that_confer_r.html ). Power in organizations has been described as the power to bring ideas into fruition and power to change policies that make no sense, among others. The same source mentioned that one possible beginning of power is when one makes initiative to take projects that bring him/her into contact with a wide range of people within and outside of your organization and situate him in the midst of information flows, among others.
    Doing significant things that could connect the firm with customers and partners could make one highly visible and appreciated - this can be a start of power. Another source of power as cited by the same source is bringing together unrelated groups of individuals who ...

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    The sources of power and conflict from within an organization are provided.