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    Resolving conflict

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    In a response of up to 200 words, you are to describe a conflict in which you or your team was involved with another individual or group that you feel was successfully resolved. Using the Model of the Conflict Process in the text, briefly describe the source of the conflict. Then indicate how the conflict was handled and what the outcome of the conflict was. Be sure to describe your role in the resolution of the conflict. Please do not identify any individuals by their actual name(s).

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    Our group works with students that need tutors for help with understanding assignments and with research needs and direction. One student brought a complaint that the work provided was not enough and his payment to the organization was not being fulfilled by the service. The problem was the student kept asking for more than help and guidance. Instead, they wanted the tutor to do the work and provide ...

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    Scenario presented where a conflict had to be resolved.