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    Negotiating Real-Life and Practical Cases

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    Apply the theoretical and general aspects covered in negotiation, to real-life and practical cases.

    Part I - Background and Settings
    For National Youth Organization - Without revealing proprietary information, describe this organization.

    The Conflict - Describe the workplace conflict issue you have chosen to write about.
    What is the underlying problem or difference?
    Who are the parties or sides in this conflict?
    Choose a Side - Choose one of the parties or sides in the conflict and let me know of your choice.

    Part II - How was it Managed?
    Describe "your chosen" side's decisions and/or behaviors and/or actions to the following:
    Which conflict management approach was chosen?
    Why was this specific choice made?
    What were the considerations behind this choice?

    Part III - What Would You Have Done?
    Assuming you are the principal representative for your "chosen side":
    Would YOU have recommended Bilateral Negotiations as the appropriate method in this case?
    If so, positional or collaborative. Please explain your answer.

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    Part I
    The organization is a national youth organization that is served by many adult volunteers, in
    various regions and cities across the United States. The programs offered are varied, but mostly
    involve teaching youth and teens various outdoor or handyman types of skills. Though each region
    differs in the programs it offers and the types of activities emphasized, the organization, as a whole
    seeks to provide character development, which will allow youth to grow into responsible, ethical
    and productive members of their communities. Adult volunteers hold various positions or ranks, which
    determine how they are involved in the organization. Some are involved directly with youth, while
    others are involved in administration of the organization's many programs. Administrative positions
    can range from marketing the organization and soliciting donations or corporate sponsors, to
    coordinating various units and establishing regional events. Though many of the positions are
    held by volunteers, some are full time paid positions.
    The conflict surrounds the training that national headquarters requires of all new adult
    volunteers. Many who work in administration want to keep the traditional lecture/video training,
    that requires all day attendance for new adult volunteers. However, there are those who want to
    see the training offered as an online option, as some of the other trainings are provided. The
    organization has the resources and there are no restrictions in how each region conducts its training.
    Some volunteers believe that more adults would be willing to give their time and effort if they did not
    have to attend an entire Saturday training. The specific region that is debating this issue, like other
    regions, faces many challenges in recruiting adult volunteers. Those who are ...

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