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Most Valuable Lesson in Challenges of Conflict

What is the most valuable lesson about conflict and why it so important? (1 page, APA style)

Describe a conflict and write a page on how you act before and after the conflict.
Then answer these questions:
1. What were the challenges of the conflict?
2. How did it feel to go back and work through an old conflict?
3. What difference does it make in the relationship of the conflict?
4. Find a conflict story and provide the following on mediation:
a. What training is available for people who want to become mediators.
b. What are the skills necessary to do be a successful mediator?
c. How would you gain professional training regarding mediation?
d. How would you go about gaining practical experience to mediate a conflict?

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The most valuable lesson learned from conflict is that it originates from expectations. These expectations may be related to a person, a team, or a subordinate. For example, if a supervisor has expectations of an employee and the employee does not live up to the expectation, there is a strong possibility of a conflict (Eunson.H, 2012). When expectations are not communicated, there is a gap in communication. For instance, the supervisor has not told the employee exactly what he expects from him. This escalates the conflict. In several cases the expectations are communicated but they are misunderstood by the person receiving the information. The supervisor may have told the employee what he feels the employee should do but the employee misunderstands information. This leads to conflict. For example, the supervisor conveys the production goal to the employee but the employee understands that the goal is not what the supervisor wants him to achieve. The conflict exacerbates when there is nobody willing to take responsibility for the problem. The production goal has not been achieved; the supervisor is blamed by the manager for not achieving. The supervisor feels that the employee is responsible for the non-achievement of the goals. This contributes to the conflict. The most valuable lesson is that expectations lead to conflict (Eunson.H, 2012).
The method of avoiding conflict is to clearly communicate the expectations. The employee must understand what is expected of him. If it is a production target, the target should be specific and the employee must understand the target. The communicator should clear all misunderstandings, and should inform the employee that he will be responsible for the objective. This will help avoid conflict in an organization (274 words).
One conflict occurred when I discovered that a new employee in my department was forging company checks. I was ...

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