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    Cultural Conflict using the Three-Dimensional Model

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    Give an example of a cultural conflict using the three-dimensional model, (Self-awareness, Knowledge of others, Skill-building intervention strategies), for improving multicultural competencies, and how can this conflict may be (or could have been) reformed and resolved.

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    An example of a cultural conflict is in a typical office work space, for instance, our local hospital. The work force represents a broad range of cultures, from the traditional male Caucasian breadwinner to the single mother to the striving immigrant. Together these parts make up the sum of the workforce. However, they are separated out by the classification which they either self-impose or are put upon them by others. This impacts the level of work and the success of the organization.
    Recently, in an effort to create more cohesion and encourage sharing ideas there has been a concentrated effort to eliminate the inherent conflict that arises from label of groups. Researchers claim that the dominant white society tends to 'lump groups by ethnicity' (Booth, 1998). In the hospital workplace, this has encouraged a stereotyping of workers, with certain nationalities being pre-judged of their abilities based on their cultural backgrounds, rather than their actual knowledge. One worker, Juan, spoke vehemently at a recent meeting about the assumption of his skills ...

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    This detailed solution gives an example of a cultural conflict using the three-dimensional model for improving multicultural competencies and it also discusses how the conflict can be resolved. APA formatted references are included.