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Compare and contrast the trait and behavioral leadership theories

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1. Compare and contrast the trait and behavioral leadership theories.
2. Compare and contrast the four content motivation theories.
3. Contrast inspirational appeal with personal appeal influencing?
4. How would you distinguish between criticism and coaching feedback.

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The solution compares and contrasts the trait and behavioral leadership theories.

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1. Compare and contrast the trait and behavioral leadership theories.

The trait leadership theories are based on the characteristics of leaders and are used to determine and forecast the effectiveness of their leadership. The theory identifies central traits that determine whether a leader will be successful or not, however these are not solely responsible for determining leadership effectiveness. They are more or less factors that will determine leadership potential or to identify potential leaders. The core traits identified in the theory are: emotional maturity, cognitive ability, self confidence, business knowledge, honesty and integrity, leadership motivation, drive for achievement.

In behavioral theories focus more on the specific behaviors of leaders, it stipulates that a leader's behavior rather than traits is the best indicator of leadership ability therefore the most likely determinant of leadership success.

Behavioral leadership theories assume that leaders are made and not born and that successful leadership is a learnable, definable behavior. The trait theories on the other hand postulate that successful leadership is determined by inherit ...

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