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Organizational Change: Polyprod Case

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Read the case in the ATTACHED file titled, Initiating Change in the Manufacturing and Distribution Division of Polyrod. Answer the following questions regarding the case. Please make each answer at least a paragraph in length.

1. What is your assessment of Roberta's efforts to date?
2. How would you convince Stewart Jones to allow you to proceed with the project? What arguments might you use?
3. Describe how you would develop a change process and the critical issues you would face in managing the change.

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This answer offers cogent arguments relating to Organizational Change

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1. What is your assessment of Roberta's efforts to date?

My assessment of Roberta Jackson's efforts to date is moderate. She has identified the areas that would gain from improvements in the current information management practices. She has also found out how important it is to change the documentation process of M&DDiv. She has described the documentation process in great detail and has mentioned scenarios that would occur if the system did not perform well. Further, Roberta Jackson's has described the necessity to have a good documentation process in place. She has been able to identify the weaknesses in the current documentation process and point out the dissatisfaction with the current system. Most importantly, she has been able to identify the person who is likely to be a potential sponsor for the project.

However, in my assessment there are several areas in which Roberta Jackson's efforts are lacking. She needs to show through figures how much business will be lost by which facility if the project is not implemented. She has not laid down exactly, the benefits that the new project will bring to M&DDiv. Further, she has ...

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