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The Changing Organization

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1. In what ways do organizational change cycles compare to the human life cycle?


2. Use at least two sources to do research on the subject of resistance to change in the organization. Pick an application from the text that interests you most. For example, you might elect to address the concept of resistance to change by researching some condition of resistance to change such as misunderstanding the implications of change in a particular organization or type of organization. Write a thesis statement (argument) that you will research. Produce a title based on your research results. Write one paragraph containing your thesis statement, one paragraph summarizing your findings, and a one paragraph conclusion. List your references at the end. The entire paper should be one page in length. Remember, this is your opportunity to explore the skills needed to do research while applying what you have learned in this module.

3. Professional Development: Find out what training is available to you to help you learn more about change management. Don't forget to check for Computer-based courses /training.

4. Issues to Consider: What change management techniques are used within your organization?

5. Discussion: Are you personally resistant to change? What conditions must exist for change to be acceptable to you?

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