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Change Program

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Discuss the organizational driving forces toward acceptance of a Change Program outlined below:

- Dissatisfaction with the Present Situation
- External Pressure Toward Change
- Momentum Toward Change
- Motivation by Management

Reference: An Experiential Approach to Organization Development, 8th Ed, Donald R. Brown

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The first driving force towards change is the dissatisfaction with the present situation. There can be several reasons for dissatisfaction. Conflicts with co-workers, unsatisfactory salary, or a dead end job can each be an excellent driving force towards the acceptance of a change program. A change program in such cases becomes a hope for improvement. The change program will bring a new organizational structure. There will be new working relationships, new designations, and new salaries. The current supervisor can be unduly harsh. A change program among other things will change the supervisor. One of the greatest hopes that a change program brings to employees is that their salaries will improve. The salaries may be unsatisfactory for several reasons. There may be stagnation of salaries, there may be an economic recession, or the job may not have opportunities for progress. In general ...

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The answer to this problem explains the organizational driving forces that lead to the acceptance of a change program. The references related to the answer are also included.

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