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Develop a Cash Budget for Cyrus Brown Manufacturing (CBM) and Sales Forecasting

I have already downloaded the answer from here, but there is one slight change in the collection sales. He has also gathered the following collection estimates regarding the forecast sales: Collection within the month of sale, 10%; collection the month following sales, 65%; and collection the second month following sales, 25%. This use to be 75/10 respectively last year. This project consists of 5 questions, A-E. The most important aspect of this project are the numbers in questions A,B, and C. Attached are 2 files, the first are the actual questions with figures and amounts titled "CBM.doc" and 2nd is "GP Project.xls" which are the answers to questions A,B, and C. Please review the spreadsheet and tell me if I have done anything wrong and explain clearly if I have made a mistake. Thanks.

(See attached file for full problem description)

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a. The monthly cash budget for CBM based on Cyrus Brown's sales and expense estimates is shown on the accompanying spreadsheet in rows 3 through 11.
The total revenue from sales, given in column F, is the sum of the corresponding entries in columns C, D, and E. Each row in column C has a value .10 times that of the same row in column B, which contains the sales figure for that month. Each row in column D is .65 times that of the preceding month's sales, while in E, we apply a multiple of .25 to the sales figure two months prior.
Total expenses are given in column J. Each row is the total of corresponding entries in columns G, H, and I. which contain direct, constant, and occasional costs, respectively. The direct expense in each month is the previous month's ...

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