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    Degnan Dance Company, Inc., a manufacturer of dance and exercise apparel, is considering replacing an existing piece of equipment with a more sophisticated machine. The following information is given.

    Existing Machine Proposed Machine
    Cost $100,000 Cost $150,000
    Purchased 2 yrs ago Installation $20,000
    Depreciation using MACRS Depreciation using MACRS
    ovr 5 yrs rcvr schedule 5 yr recovery schedule used
    Current Mkt value $150,000
    5 yr usable life remaining 5 yr usable life expected

    Earnings before Depreciation and Taxes
    Existing Machine Proposed Machine
    Year 1 $160,000 $170,000
    Year 2 $150,000 $170,000
    Year 3 $140,000 $170,000
    Year 4 $140,000 $170,000
    Year 5 $140,000 $170,000

    The firm pays 40 percent taxes on ordinary income and capital gains.

    A. Given the information in Table 1, compute the initial investment.

    B. Given the information in Table 1, compute the incremental annual cash flows.

    C. Given the information from Table 1, assuming 13% rate of return, what is Degnan Dance Company's Inc. NPV on the proposed machine.

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