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    Matrix structure and transformational learning

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    10 short answer questions pertaining to the material from chapters 1-13 in the text book Organizational Behavior (5th Edition) by McShane, S. & Von Glinow, M. I can upload the chapters if needed.

    Please refer to the pdf file for the questions.

    From an employee perspective, what are the advantages and disadvantages of working in a matrix structure?
    Give three limitations of transformational leadership.
    Give three problems with teams.

    and more...

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    1. From an employee perspective, what are the advantages and disadvantages of working in a matrix structure?

    From an employee's perspective the advantages are:
    a. If you have specific and highly sought for experience in a certain topic, it is likely that you will be chosen for work.
    b. This type of structure does provide the employee with more freedom
    c. You can contribute your thoughts into a project.

    From an employee's perspective the disadvantages are:
    a. If you are a person who is fresh in the job market, you may not be chosen for a specific job or task due to your lack of experience.
    b. You are required to answer to multiple individuals.
    c. You can be confused as to what you are supposed to do.

    2. Transformational leadership is one of the most popular perspectives of leadership. However, it is far from perfect. Discuss three limitations of transformational leadership.

    Three limitations of transformational leadership are:
    a. When employees do not have the skill set to complete a task, and a transformational leader directs them to complete it, the task can be disorganized and ineffective.

    b. When an individual is the type that they are a transformational leader, has the difficult task in getting other employees and team members to believe in them. Therefore, this leadership style is time consuming.

    Source: http://www.ehow.com/info_7749368_disadvantages-transformational-leadership.html

    c. This style does not work in all settings. A leader must know when to use this approach and when the rewards should properly be given.

    3. Pat has just been appointed as purchasing manager of Tacoma Technologies Corp. The previous purchasing manager, who recently retired, was known for his winner-take-all approach to suppliers. He continually fought for more discounts and was skeptical about any special deals that suppliers would propose. A few suppliers refused to do business with Tacoma Technologies, but senior management was confident that the former purchasing manager's approach minimized the company's cost. Pat wants to try a more collaborative approach to working with suppliers. Will her approach work? How should she adopt a more collaborative (problem solving) approach in future negotiations with suppliers?

    I think that Pat's approach would work. I believe that when ...

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