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Corporate structure analysis

You turn your attention inward, to SaveWithUs's corporate structure. Most companies can be described as having either a

steep hierarchy with lots of levels and strict reporting relations
broad hierarchy with a few levels of reporting and a looser reporting structure
network with group authority, purpose driven reporting and structure
Each structure provides a unique style of setting policy and accomplishing goals and projects.

Reflect on the following with regard to each structure.

How are key stakeholders identified?
How does the structure effect how policy is set and used by that structure?
How does the structure affect the individual stakeholder's goals and objectives?
When proposing an IT project, how does the structure affect the approval process?

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The key stakeholders are easily identified as those with the most power (administration/upper management) or the most money involved (and the greatest risk for loss). Those who have invested the most money are key stakeholders. They drive the vision, decisions, and expectations of a company.

The structure is the foundation on which policy rests. The more strictly structured the company, the more likely the vision is narrow in favor of those with the power. As the steep hierarchy moves to a ...

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Analysis of the corporate structure of the Savewithus company. Objectives, needs and purposes are noted.