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    Developing a Learning Plan

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    I need help with format/organizing, developing a learning plan for a fictitious organization. I am to include what resources will best serve this organization and why. The plan is for all levels of the organization in all locations. There is no known page requirement.

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    Use the attached document as your reference for what is needed in a strong learning plan. In Neal's article, he outlines a 5-phase strategy that includes:
    ? Approach
    ? Deployment
    ? Learning
    ? Integration
    ? Results (Neal, 2012)

    (Response is based on a fictitious organization but can be generalized)

    Here, you need to keep the demographic structure of the company in mind. There's a reason why we are always being reminded that the company is 50 years old. Chances are many of the employees who came on board in the early years are still employed here. What are the implications? We must be careful not to go fully high tech here. So a blended approach might be appropriate. In a blended approach you will use a variety of delivery methods from instructor led, to eLearning, to mobile learning, to social learning, mentoring, coaching etc.. Neal talks about the importance of "understanding the organization and audience". This is critically important because if you don't it is not likely you will be able to meet their needs.
    So, under the approach section of your learning plan, list the types of instructional methods you will use.
    Also, in ...