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    Mission, Strategy and Organizational Structure of BMW

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    Please take a look at the Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) Group, 2013 case study.

    For Part 1, describe the selected company, the products/services they offer, and the history of the company. Next, analyze the company's strategy, mission, and organizational structure. In your analysis, include the following:

    1. What does the strategy, mission, and organizational structure say about the company?
    2. What are the positive aspects of the strategy, mission, and organizational structure?
    3. What are the company's short-term and long-term goals?
    4. What are ways to improve the strategy, mission, and organizational structure?

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    Mission, Strategy and Organizational Structure of BMW
    Mission and vision of an organization provides an overall direction to an enterprise. The mission is basic purpose or reason for existence of any organization. This mission guides the overall strategy of the organization. It specifies the businesses which the company shall operate identifying the needs of the society which the organization shall serve. The mission is further defining the product categories which an organization shall be into and the market definition of mission shall include the customer groups the company shall serve, customer needs the organization shall satisfy and the alternative technologies used by the company (Kotler, 2003). The paper analyzes the mission of BMW and its its alignment with the corporate strategy and organization structure of the company.

    BMW is the world's second largest luxury automobile brand in the world with a sale of 20,03,359 units in 2016 only after the market leader Mercedes which recorded a sale of 20,83,888 vehicles (Daniels, 2017: Jan. 13). BMW offers luxury cars including Mini Marque and is also the parent company of Rolls Royce (David, 2014). Along with cars, the company also offers motorcycles under Motorrad and Husqvarna brands (David, 2014). The company also started its financial services with services such as purchase financing and leasing, dealer financing and corporate fleets (David, 2014).

    History of BMW
    BMW has completed a century with 100 years of its existence as the company was fromed in 1917 as a result of a major restructuring of Rapp Motorwerken, an aircraft manufacturing company which was producing aircraft engines but had to cease to be into this business as a result of Versailles Armistice Treaty at the end of first world war (David, 2014). The company started producing motorcycles in the year 1923 and started production of automobiles after the removal of restriction of the Versailles Treaty in 1928-29 (David, 2014). The ...

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