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    Managers and decision making

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    I would like answers to these questions in your own writing instead of cutting and pasting a lot of Internet material.

    What is a Manager?
    Class, based on what we know from the Griffin text, is everyone considered a manager? Why, or why not?

    Managerial Ethics
    There is a great deal of pressure on CEOs in recent years to use moral criteria in making decisions. Some observers are concerned that too much emphasis on ethics will lead to less aggressive and competitive behavior, which may adversely affect profitability.

    Do you agree or disagree? Please use external research via the DeVry University Library to support your answer.

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    A manager is an individual who leads and supervisors an individual or group of individuals, usually on a daily basis. Furthermore, a manager is an individual who leads others to complete a required task(s). Most individuals who are in the management position carry said position based upon knowledge of a task and experiences in the workplace.

    I am not sure what your text said, however, based on my own knowledge, not every ...

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    This solution discusses what a manager is and managerial ethics.