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Issues of Public Administration

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Three Questions
1). Reconstruct the theories of Fayol, Weber, Taylor, and Gullick. Suggest two (2) ways in which the management process enhances organizational efficiency. Include at least two (2) examples to support your response.

2). In Chapter 8 (p.300) of the textbook, Denhardt & Denhardt stated that human beings often appear "irrational" in terms of the system, even though what they are doing, from their point of view, may be perfectly rational. Refer to the examples below, then construct another two (2) examples that support Denhardt & Denhardt's statement.
1. Individuals complaining to the Utilities Commission about paying for power during power outages when no power is running
2. Individuals complaining about the inefficiencies of Bureau of Motor Vehicles
3. Individuals complaining about the structural and procedural issues that influenced the response to Katrina victims

3). Generate two (2) advantages and two (2) disadvantages of group decision making within the context of deciding how to spend revenue obtained from a new sales tax. Include at least two (2) examples of such advantages and disadvantages to support your position.
Please provide references.

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Step 1
The theories of Fayol, Weber, Taylor, and Gullick are related to scientific management. These theories focus on the management of work and workers. Also, they proposed administrative management which addresses issues relating how the overall organization should be structured. Scientific management is related to job analysis, selection of personnel, cooperation by mangers, and functional supervising. The first way in which management process increases organizational efficiency is through scientifically selecting, training, and developing workers. If the workers are efficient the organizational efficiency will increase. For example, Google Inc scientifically selects its employees. They improve organizational efficiency. The second way is that management through observation, data gathering, and measurements finds out the best way to perform each job. Performing, the job in the best way increases ...

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