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Decision Making Self-Assessment

In approximately 2 pages, explore your approach to the decision making process. Do you like to take time to gather information before making a decision? What happens when the demand for a decision outweighs the ability to sufficiently investigate all of the areas? Who do you normally turn to for advice? Do you seek input from peers, front line employees, others?

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Decision-Making Models

There are many approaches and models to making decisions. However, it is essential to establish a decision-making process that works best for you. When making a decision with any model there are five basic fundamentals to the decision-making process.

1. Actively Listen - (This is where clarity of the situation is gained)
2. Research Information - (This is where the person look for facts concerning the situation and then evaluate it)
3. Make the Decision - (After an individual has clarified and evaluated the options, then make the choice)
4. Implementation - (Implement the decision)
5. Monitor - (Re-evaluate your decision and be ready to revise it if necessary)

Gain Clarity

Making decisions are part of the everyday process of living from the time we wake up in the mornings, perform the events of the day, and back to bed at night. Believe it or not, a clear ...

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This solution presents a systematic approach to decision-making.