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    Decision Making, Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory, and Compressed Work Week

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    What is the best decision-making method? Explain why it differes from others.

    What does job enrichment mean in Herzberg's two-factor theory

    What are the potential advantages and disadvantages of a compressed work week?

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    1. There are different types of decision making methods and each method is the most appropriate or best method to use in different situations. Hence, no method is the best method except in a particular situation. Decision making methods and situations where they are best are:

    Decision by authority: In this method the person who is most knowledgeable or most authoritative decides. This method is the best method to use when people in the group lack knowledge or skills or if there is shortage of time.

    Minority control: This decision making method utilizes skills and resources of a small group which consists of experts to make a decision. This method is used when all members involved do not have time to get involved or when routine decisions have to be taken.

    Majority control or voting: This method allows decision making as per rules. Groups using this ...

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    The best decision-making method is defined. Job enrichment mean in Herzberg's two factor theories are given.