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    Project Plan for Pfizer, Inc.

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    This is a continuation to posting 91925. I will post part c as soon as you complete section a & b. Can we move deadline to earlier time?

    I'm seeking your professional assistance with the second component of an 18-Week Project on Pfizer, Inc. Please refer to all attachments. I'm working on a guide/description of what I'm hoping to obtain specifically from each point.

    Please do not copy, cut & paste text, copy from previous postings on Pfizer, or provide instructions on "how-to" from various internet sites as a response. Please provide in-depth analysis, supporting facts and include relevant sources. I'm not looking for definitions just specific information as it pertains to Pfizer, Inc. please! Bottom line, I need a solution for Pfizer's existing computer structure, not a rehash of its existing system as the answer.

    Thank you very much for your assistance. I value your expert input!

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    Student: I am presenting Part A. Part B will soon follow in another posting. Kindly let me know if any part is not properly answered. The cost details aren't available easily on the web for PAT implementation. Since the time is not enough, I will advise you to contact vendors like Symbion (www.gosymbion.com) on their customer service numbers to get exact cost details of PAt software and other associated costs.


    Human Resources: Companies implementing PAT like Pfizer need to make it sure that they have a sufficient staffing commitment to support the deployment of a PAT system. This includes having people qualified to transfer that knowledge to the manufacturing staff. There's a very long learning curve for PAT applications, and firms need to commit to thorough training programs for personnel.

    source: http://www.pharmamanufacturing.com/articles/2005/203.html

    From the outset, clear and appropriate leadership needs to be established for the migration to PAT. We are currently witnessing a variety of approaches by pharmaceutical companies to project
    leadership. Some companies have appointed a vice president to co-ordinate the PAT initiative, in other companies it is the production/engineering or quality manager that takes the
    initiative and is trying to convince and 'educate' top management. The vital thing is that companies need to be sure that their project leadership is empowered to make all the changes across the company that will be integral to project success.

    source: PAT: Evolution or Revolution? by Dr Beatrijs Van Liedekerke, Senior Manager, Enterprise Advisory Department at PricewaterhouseCoopers

    A PAT team needs a dedicated core, a cadre of senior-level professionals that will shepherd the program to completion. They can't split their time or orientation while doing so. And they can't do it by themselves. So, a successful PAT management group will use its core personnel for outreach to all affected operations within the company. Historically, PAT team leaders have come from the analytical ranks. They need expertise in production, engineering, finance and regulatory affairs.

    source: http://www.pharmamanufacturing.com/articles/2006/042.html

    Pfizer already has a dedicated team of 5 experts for the PAT initiative. This 5 member team includes team leader, PAT and IT experts, procurement expert, quality expert and a technical project manager.

    Apart from this specialized team, the end users of the PAt software, ie, numerous employees at various levels and departments within Pfizer will also be actively involved in the implementation process as they will define their real needs and preferences and will assist in the smooth implementation of the technique.

    The chosen vendor for the development of the software will send in a team of experts for the implementation and development of the PAT software. This team will work closely with the PAt project team within the company.

    The future employees at companies like Pfizer after PAT implementation will be "process engineers," who understand processes and how plants work in general. They will be experts in getting a process to ...

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    Companies implementing PAT like Pfizer need to make it sure that they have a sufficient staffing commitment to support the deployment of a PAT system.