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    Gauging Level of Ethics

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    It is interesting that in a group of 1,500 people, they would all say they are ethical and the same statement would be made by anyone in a company. However, we know that this is not true and my question is, what have you found to be indicators of either peoples' ethics? How can you gauge their level of ethics?

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    Behaving ethically is a difficult trait to self measure since it is so subjective. As someone if they think that they are smart or creative or logical or intelligent and they will all say yes. It is a self bias. As well being ethical along with those other traits that I just mentioned are so highly regarded in society, everyone wants to have these traits as part of their self. Thus, self-reporting is not the way to go when analyzing a person's ethics. The bias is too big. Thus you can't just go out and ask ...

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    This solution provides a description of how to gauge other people's level of ethics.