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    Ethics Clothing Survey

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    This is an ethical clothing survey seeking to solicit opinions from consumers regarding what is ethical clothing, how it is perceived, and how much knowledge consumers actually know about how it impacts social responsibility and the environment. The survey also asks thought provoking questions about consumer behavior. The survey is intended to be as an aid to correlating assignments.

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    Ethical Clothing Survey

    1. When you shop for clothing what is the most important factor?

    o Need
    o Trend
    o Looking Good
    o Price
    o Sustainability

    2. What is your perception of ethical clothing?

    o Too expensive
    o Unfashionable
    o A trend of the hippy era
    o Connected to a lot of propaganda
    o Never thought about it much

    3. What is meant by the term "ethical" clothing?

    o Organic
    o Second hand or Vintage
    o Recycling
    o Re-design
    o Technology (fabric production of bamboo for example)

    4. What does ethical clothing mean to you?

    o Clothing that is made from all organic and raw materials (Cotton, fur, bamboo, hemp, recycled materials, wool).
    o Fair Trade and socially responsible manufacturing
    o Ethical business principles are followed
    o Transportation process is carbon neutral
    o Humane and good working conditions for the producers of products.

    5. How do you feel about "fur" being the new ethical ...