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Ethics of Accquiring Qualitative and Quantitative Data

Consider which type of data appeals to you. Is it qualitative or quantitative? Please prepare one paragraph each to discuss the advantage(s) (1) and disadvantages (2) of each type of database. Prepare one paragraph to discuss how ethics may enter in the data acquisition phase. Does a qualitative database that is based upon survey questions offer more ethics problems or does a quantitative database offer more potential for ethics problems? Prepare one paragraph to justify and explain conclusions from your study of these matters.

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Quantitative data appeals more to me. This is because quantitative data can be used to perform mathematical calculations, like finding mean, median, mode, standard deviation and then using this data in hypothesis testing procedures. In this way quantitative data can be used in a practical sense to make important conclusions/ judgments about the population from which the data comes. Besides, quantitative data can be used for making plots/graphs which are ...

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