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    One personality test available on the World Wide Web has a subsection designed to assess the "honesty" of the test-taker. After taking the test and seeing your score for this subsection, you're interested in the mean score, , among the general population on this subsection. The website reports that is , but you believe that differs from . You decide to do a statistical test. You choose a random sample of people and have them take the personality test. You find that their mean score on the subsection is and that the standard deviation of their scores is ...

    A manufacturer claims that the mean lifetime, , of its light bulbs is months. The standard deviation of these lifetimes is months. One hundred fifty bulbs are selected at random, and their mean lifetime is found to be months. Can we conclude, at the level of significance, that the mean lifetime of light bulbs made by this manufacturer differs from months?
    Perform a two-tailed test. Then fill in the table below...

    The General Social Survey is an annual survey given to a random selection of about adults in the United States. Among the many questions asked are "What is the highest level of education you've completed?" and "If you're employed full-time, how many hours do you spend working at your job during a typical week?"
    In a recent year, respondents answered both questions. The summary statistics are given in the chart below. ..

    Depression and insomnia often go hand-in-hand, and sometimes it is unclear which of the two should be the primary subject of treatment in individuals suffering from insomnia. Mendoza & Company, a national pharmaceutical firm, has positioned itself as a specialist in the production of both antidepressants and sleeping pills. Mendoza's current business model describes the following breakdown of America's approximately million adults suffering from insomnia...

    A manufacturer of summer clothing has generated the following regression model for forecasting the number of pairs of walking shorts (in hundreds of thousands) that will be sold during the next few quarters...

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