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    Ethics and Audit Questions

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    - Write one additional audit question for each of the categories (board, staff, donors and fund raisers, clients/customers, volunteers, society) listed in the sample audit in Appendix B of your text.
    - Explain why each question you wrote is important to assessing an organization's ethical performance.

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    Ethics and Audit Questions

    1. Audit Question for Board
    a. Does the board communicate their mission, vision, and ethical code of conduct including conflicts of interest? If so, how is this communicated and how often?
    b. Most of the questions asked of the Board are yes and no answers. It is one thing to say you have a code of conduct, a vision and mission; however, how is it communicated? When is it communicated and how does the Board know it has been clearly understood? Is there a memo of understanding signed which outlines the responsibilities of the member and their expectation to adhere to the bylaws of the organization?

    2. Audit Question for Staff
    a. How are the core competencies of each position developed and how do you ensure you are hiring responsible and ethical employees?
    b. ...

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    This solution provides a sample of a potential audit questions as well as an explanation of how the given questions will examine the organization's ethical performance.